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Meriwether County Democratic Committee is a group of individuals who are all registered voters and who are residents of Meriwether County, GA. We believe strongly that participation in the Democratic Party of Georgia and the Democratic National Party is one of the best ways to ensure that the best interests of the people of the county can be furthered.

We are all volunteers. All monies raised by donations or fundraising go to meet the expenses of the committee to do one of three things: Promote the education of the public about the current issues and the positions of the DPG and its candidates, Recruit new voters and encourage voters to go to the polls to vote, and Protect voters from voter suppression efforts by providing education and encouraging volunteer action to counter those efforts.

Education and Voter Services

Our volunteers can come to your location or event and set up to help people check to see if they are still registered to vote, assist in locating your local polling place location, registering or re-registering a voter, or clarifying the methods of voting available.

Education is a primary goal of what we do whether it is in a high school, community organization, church group, or festival/fair. We want people to know and understand what their options are, how to use them wisely, and when they need to exercise the American privilege of voting.

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